Our Process

The hallmark of our process is how it begins: with a complete review and evaluation of your current financial picture.

We request financial information prior to our initial meeting, including recent tax returns, investment statements, and any other relevant financial documents you feel comfortable providing. This allows us to conduct an in-depth analysis that is customized to your specific situation, then provide actionable strategies and advice when we meet.

When we sit down for your initial meeting, we:

Use the tools at our disposal to help you see options and opportunities you may not have considered

Highlight strategies for tax mitigation as part of a more efficient, comprehensive financial plan

Determine appropriate investing choices based on your needs, goals, and risk tolerance

Discuss putting solutions in place for multigenerational planning needs

We start with solutions.

Investing this time up-front allows you to get a clear sense of what it’s like to work with Bluerock. We’re working together right from the start. It takes more time than a quick coffee and consultation appointment — but our clients are worth it.

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