Tax Consulting

Finding opportunities for you to save and protect income is one of our top priorities, and taxes typically are one of the largest expenses for an individual or household. For this reason, we place a high priority on tax mitigation as part of your wealth management strategy.

In-house tax services

Our team of financial professionals has wide-ranging experience with tax planning, enabling us to integrate tax impact into our analysis when considering the right investment vehicle and planning for you. In fact, reviewing tax returns to look for areas of tax mitigation is part of our process.

Small business financial strategy

We work to address the specific financial planning issues that small business owners encounter. We can consult with you on selecting the right business entity for your situation, determining payroll amounts to maximize retirement plans and minimize tax issues, and how to efficiently integrate personal and business taxes.

Tax and investment strategy

We look to alleviate your tax burden through our choice of investment solutions, using specific investments to taxes, placing investments with high tax rates into IRAs and tax-deferred options to reduce taxes on investment gains and income, and recommending tax credits for specific situations.

Collaboration and resources

We consult our clients on tax strategies, but we leave tax preparation and filing to the full-time tax professionals. We can recommend a CPA or collaborate with your CPA for a seamless blend of tax, financial planning and investment strategy.

Find out how we helped clients save, protect, and grow their wealth with our particular brand of holistic wealth management, including proactive tax consulting, personalized financial planning, and analytical investment solutions.