Who We Are

This is who we are. This is the philosophy under which we operate while providing industry leading service to our clients.

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Holistic. Inclusive.

You are unique and so are the specific goals and objectives to which you aspire. With the big picture always in mind, Bluerock employs a holistic and inclusive approach, melding investing, financial planning and tax mitigation strategies specific to you. These strategies are not mutually exclusive. You must integrate them together for the best results.

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Measured. Disciplined.

Bluerock believes in taking a measured and purposeful approach to investing and to managing wealth overall. One thing is certain, markets will and do fluctuate. It can be tempting for many investors to jump in and out of their positions. What history shows us; however, is that trying to time the market is a losing proposition. Bluerock works to keep the emotion out of investing by developing comprehensive, disciplined strategies designed to withstand volatility and to maximize returns over time.

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Data-Driven. Academic-Based.

We work to tip the scales in your favor. Bluerock utilizes a data-driven approach when developing your investment plan. Decisions are not made on a whim. You can be confident that your individual plan is backed by academic-based, strategic investment principles.

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Knowledgeable. Experienced.

Knowledge is power? At Bluerock we value knowledge and experience because it gives us the power to make wise decisions to increase the likelihood of success for our clients. Every Bluerock client is assigned a team of professionals that possess the knowledge and experience necessary to educate and provide prudent advice about the financial market, taxes and financial planning.

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Customized. Focused.

Every situation and plan is different. Not one Bluerock client is the same. We each have a different set of unique circumstances that make up our individual financial positions. Bluerock creates a custom experience for every client focused exclusively on you, your desires and your beliefs.